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We offers computer programming trainings for beginners, intermediates and expert level. Our courses are divided into various modules which fulfils the need of every IT aspire. Our basic programming modules consist C, C++ which is must for the beginners. Apart from this other modules give detail knowledge in Software Development for Desktop / Web by using .Net, Java, PHP-MySQL, etc. For making career in database administrator we provide training in MS-SQL and Oracle also. Join now best best ASP.NET Training Institute in Pitampura that is DICS Innovatives with affordable fee.

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Our .NET Programming with C# Training Course is aimed at developers who are new to the .NET Framework, who need to get up to speed quickly with C# language fundamentals and to understand and use effectively the core .NET functionality. The hands-on labs reflect useful real-world scenarios and best practices. The course covers the fundamentals of the C# language and features extensive hands-on exercises with Visual Studio 2019. You will still also be able to use VS 2017 but C# topics will be unavailable in this version of the software.

By the end of the course you will be able to create data-driven applications in C#, and use your knowledge as a basis for going on to specialise in the development of Windows GUI apps (e.g. WPF, Universal Windows Platform Apps), Web Applications in ASP.NET Core MVC and other .NET disciplines.

  • Introduction, .NET History, Flavors of .NET,
  • Comparison of JAVA & .NET, Architecture of
  • .Net Framework, The Common Language
  • Runtime, Features of .NET, Advantages of .Net
  • Introduction To C#, OOP Concept, Overview of C#, Simple C#, Programmer Structure, Compile & Execute a C#
  • Program, Programmer Structure, Literals, Data
  • Types, Variables , Boxing & Unboxing
    • hello print using c# & use of variable
    • Star Printing Using For Loop
    • Even Numbers printing using while loop
    • area of rectangle using multiple class
    • Arithmetic operation
    • If Else Program
    • If & else if Program
    • Nested If
    • switch statement &
  • Multi Switch Program
    • Simple While Loop
    • table printing using while loop
    • For Loop Program
    • For Each Program
    • Converting float value to int
    • converts various value types to string type
    • Swap program
  • Once you complete this master’s program, you will receive the course completion certificate by DICS INNOVATIVES

DICS INNOVATIVES Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 50% marks in the quiz. DICS INNOVATIVES certification is well recognized in top MNCs .

Our intro to C# .net training course is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the fundamental principles of .NET programming with C#, in order to be able to then go on to develop commercial Windows, Web (ASP.NET / MVC), server-side or other Microsoft-based solutions (such as BizTalk or SharePoint). The course is well suited to experienced developers coming from backgrounds such as JavaScript, PHP, or Java.

Our C# .NET training course is designed to work with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition so to save time you can install it on your laptop before your course - it's easy to obtain and free to use. That means you can take away all the code you've worked on for further study or even to kick-start your next .NET project.


Delegates should be comfortable with programming essentials, but no previous Object Oriented Programming experience is assumed (although some OOP experience would certainly be helpful)