Scope after Done Multimedia and Animation Courses in Delhi, India

As India is becoming a digital nation. With expansion of Digitization in India, the world is shifting towards the digital world.In the potential year, the scope of multimedia and animation is going to expand.With the growing world of media, the requirements of animators are also on the rise. Be it advertising, television, cartoon film making,movies,and media or gaming, good animators rule the industry.

In the world of animation, imagination meets reality and unfeasible becomes possible. Unimaginable graphics, special effects and evolved technologies come together to create a world that sweeps you off your feet. A lot of creative people are choosing multimedia and animation course as full-time careers and making handsome money out of it.

Multimedia means combining text, animation, video, graphics, sound, interactivity and conveying a message in an attractive manner. Therefore, just being creative is not sufficient. One has to be technically sound too. Although one has to have a superior drawing hand in order to become a good multimedia specialist. Thus, if you are blessed with immense creativity and imagination, there is no scarcity of job opportunities. One can find a good full-time or freelancing job in the fields of cinema, television, advertising agencies, video production, fashion designing, publishing, web design, preparation of CD ROMs, textile designing, interior design, etc.

What is job profile after Done multimedia and Animation Course in Delhi, India?

The job profiles for the animation and multimedia includes:
Designations for quality animators and multimedia professionals are:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Creative/Media director
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Media analyst or strategist.
  • On-line publishing (editorial/design)
  • multimedia developer
  • Game developer.
  • Advertising manager.
  • key frame animators, 3D modelers.
  • Film and video editor.
  • Sound effects editor.

Hence, the list of Multimedia and Animations progressive career path is endless. You can enroll yourself for the Animation marketing courses in Pitampura, Delhi,</strong> India may be for a short or a long term. Usually, short-term courses are chosen by working professionals in the similar field who seek to improve and brush up their skills. Long-term courses are professional courses for learners, which can also be taken up right after your 10+2.

Who can join the Course?

When it comes to training, there are various computer-training centers that offer training in multimedia and animation, DICS Innovatives (multimedia Institute in Pitampura) is one of them. One can join in a Design course and Visual Communication straight after 12th standard. Though, if one is already a graduate in fine arts along with ability for drawing, can connectto the studiosor production houses as a trainee. Even Animation Institute in Pitampura, Delhi, India has developed a special program to help learners build the skills needed for this market. Individuals who are interested in learning about a variety of media entertainment and technology such as television, film studies, journalism, video production, interactive media and computer animation can pursue these Multimedia courses in Delhi, Indiaat DICS Innovatives. The punitivecourse focuses both on technologies,emerging trends and standard methods of managing media.


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