Management information System(MIS)

Course Structure

Course Duration: 6 Months

Ms Excel basics

  •  MS Excel basic: Introduction To Excel , Creating, Save workbook, Hiding Excel Sheet, Open & closing workbook, Excel Context help
  •  Editing Worksheet:Inserting Data,Deleting Data,Move Data,Rows & Columns Spell Check,Copy & paste,Find & replace,Insert Comments
  •  Formatting cells :setting cells type,Text Decoration,Rotate cells,setting color,merge and wrap,borders & shades, Apply formatting.
  •  Formatting Worksheets:Sheet options,Adjust margins,page orientation,protection of worksheet,Header & footer,Insert Page border,set background,freeze panes,Conditional Formatting,grouping,ungrouping


  •  working with functions: financial functions,Statistical functions,forecast functions data validations,Data filtering and sorting create dynamic graphs,cell reference,using macros pivot table & chart
  •  Data Analysis:Goal seek,Scenario Manager,Data table preparation of dashboard


  • Examine database concepts and explore the microsoft office access environment, Design a simple database.
  • Build a new database with related table sort, retrieve,analyze data manage the data in a table.
  • Table creation(designing view,Wizard,setting,relationship) query a database using different method.
  • query management(designing view,wizard,sorting,Applying Condition, formulas)
  • Query Building (cross tab,unique duplicate,delete,update and more…. )
  • Setting up relationship design a forms & generate reports.
  • From Building: (designing view & wizard view)Report and level creation (designing view & wizard view)
  • Import & Export data: Different types of data access can import and export.

SQL(Structured query Languages )

  • Introduction to database
  • Database Technology relational database
  • Tables
  • Row and columns
  • Referential integrity
  • Data query language
  • Viewing data in a table displaying unique values using the distinct clause order by


  • Numeric Function:MOD,SQRT,ABS,Pwer
  • Character function :Conventioneer,Lower,Upper,Length,concat,substr,Trim
  • Data Function :Add_Months Months_Between Next_Day,Lat_day

Visual Basic For applications

    • Introduction to Excel VBA
    • what is VBA
    • Advantage of VBA
    • Scope of VBA
    • Recording and executing Macros
    • using the Vba Editor
    • working with variables in excel Vba


  • The concept of variables
  • The use of options Explicit
  • Assigning values to the variables performing Arithmetic operations in excel VBA
  • using massage box and input box in excel Vba
  • The massage box()function,the input box()function
  • using if….then…else in excel Vba conditional operation,Logical Operators
  • using if….then…else statement with operators for….next loop,Do…loop ,select case …end select
  • Excel Vba object part 1-An introduction
  • Excel Vba object part 1-The workbook object
  • Excel Vba object part 1-The worksheet object
  • Excel Vba object part 1-The range object

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