Java Training – Learn the Technology of the Present, Future and Beyond!

If you are a computer science graduate or someone who wants to learn Java and looking for some awesome resources e.g. books, tutorials, and online courses or institutes located in Pitampura then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some great trainings and tutorials to learn Java and in this article, I am going to share some of the best Java courses beginners can join to learn Java course in Pitampura. One of the main problems with learning Java is keeping pace with the increasing number of releases. For example, Java 8 was released in 2014 which completely changed how Java is written and now within the last 6 months, we have two major Java releases in form of Java 9 and Java 10. But the good thing is that core of Java is still the same and all its releases are backward compatible.

If you are learning Java first time, then it’s very important to choose an online java programming short course that is up-to-date, otherwise, you will be left behind in the job market and your day-to-day programming job with outdated skills. But, before that, let me first congratulate you for making an excellent decision of learning Java, one of the most popular mainstream programming languages in the world.

The Java Programming language is been around for more than 20+ years now and it has expanded its reach to almost every single field, from small mobile apps to large banking applications running on major Investment banks. Java is mainly used as a server-side language to create high-performance, low latency servers to handle complex tasks. IT Short Course in Dics Innovaties like Java is really big on Investment banks which use it to write end-to-end trading applications e.g. front-office applications for trade capture, middle office applications to handle booking and allocation, and back-office applications for sending confirmations.

Why Is Java Important?

Java course in Dics Innovative’s is one of the most popular programming languages used to create Web applications and platforms. It was designed for flexibility, allowing developers to write code that would run on any machine, regardless of architecture or platform. According to the Java home page, more than 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobile phones worldwide run Java.

Use of java programming Language

Java is used to build applications and platforms for a number of devices, including computers, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, car navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, lottery terminals, and smartphones. It is also a key language for networking, particularly for data centers that store and transfer Web-based data.


Java is also used to create miniature, dynamic programs that run alongside or are embedded within Web pages. These programs are called applets and can be used to display maps, weather, games, or other interactive widgets or tools on a Web page.


Based on a C and C++-based syntax, Java is object-oriented and class-based. Developers adopt and use Java because code can be run securely on nearly any other platform, regardless of the operating system or architecture of the device, as long as the device has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. The JRE varies depending on the specific type of device, but essentially it runs a “virtual” machine, or environment, that translates the code into an application or program.

Java and JavaScript

Although their names are quite similar and they are both used to create dynamic tools and games on a Web page, Java and JavaScript are different languages. Java is more robust and can be used as the sole programming language for an application, while JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language that adds functionality — like a Java applet — onto a Web page.

Why you should learn Java Programming Language?

Here is my list of 10 reasons, which I tell anyone who asks my opinion about learning Java, and whether Java is the best programming language in terms of opportunities, development, and community support.

Java is Easy to learn

– Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

– Java has Rich API

– Powerful development tools e.g., Eclipse, Net-beans

– Great collection of Open Source libraries

– Wonderful Community Support

– Java is FREE

– Excellent documentation support – Java-docs

– Java is Platform Independent

– Java is Everywhere

Java gives you a competitive advantage

According to coding Boot-camp industry research conducted by Course Report, only 12% of coding boot camps teach java. 67% teach “client-side” or web application languages like JavaScript and Ruby, and some Boot-camp graduates have complained that the industry is fooled with the web development Boot-camp grads.

For aspiring software developers who want to stand out from the rest, learning a server-side programming language like Java will help you stand out, and make you eligible for tens of thousands of server-side programming jobs.

What do you need to Take Classes?

Dics Innovative’s is giving training of Java Programming Course in Pitampura Beginner to Advanced online. It means it caters to all major systems. You can join the course if you have any of these systems. Besides this, you just need a little prior knowledge of the coding so you can understand the concepts that will be taught in the course. This course is not suitable for people who do not have any knowledge about the subject.

What will you learn?

It is a two months course but has a very diverse course outline. Anybody from basic knowledge to experts fully extracts the fruit from this Java Programming Course Beginner to Advanced course. Dics Innovatie’s offers Java Programming training in Pitampura, where students sign up.

We makes sure that whatever you learn in java training institute in Pitampura, you can use it for practice too. This is the reason there are two projects that students will have to do in order to clear the Java Programming Course Beginner to Advanced. Dics Innovatie’s is going to introduce courses on other campuses of Pitampura. These courses include the Complete Java Programming Course Beginner to Advanced course in Pitampura.  This is good news for those students who live in these areas of Pitampura. They do not need to go other places for short courses, IT courses and computer courses, etc. This is the best platform for all students who want to learn these types of courses. Our institute is the best java institute in Pitampura for short courses and IT computer short courses. We have hired a specialist instructor for these campuses. Students will learn both content and skills from our instructor.

Java Training – Learn the Technology of the Present, Future and Beyond!
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