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Why Digital Marketing Course is Best for Career

03 Jul

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Why Digital Marketing Course is Best for Career


Digital marketing is the new trend in the marketing industry. It is different from the traditional marketing. In simple terms, digital marketing means promotion of products and services on the digital platforms. Digital marketing is considered to be more immersive and engaging for customers. It can give businesses the much-needed growth in today’s highly competitive markets. India will have nearly 821 million internet users by 2021 who can be effectively targeted through digital marketing. Companies have come to realize the power of digital marketing and allocating considerable portion of their total marketing budget towards it.

Digital marketing training from best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, is emerging as one of the best career choices currently due to the following reasons.

Tremendous Scope Digital marketing training from best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

One of the biggest reasons which make digital marketing course the best is the tremendous scope it offers. Digital economy is growing at a rapid rate. It is expected that most of the advertisement and marketing will take place over the digital platforms in the future. Digital marketing is expected to grow in India at an astounding rate of 30% year on year. The digital media is expected to corner a massive Rs 25,200 crores by the year 2020. The government is also supporting promotion of digital economy which makes digital marketing even more attractive in the country.

High Demand for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers are in high demand. It is expected that by 2020, nearly 2 million digital marketing jobs will be created globally and there will be a dearth of good digital marketers to fill these vacancies. Studies have indicated that demand for digital marketers exceed their supply by at least 44%. Businesses are on the lookout for good talents in the digital marketing domain and it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity. You can do a digital marketing course in Delhi from a reputed institute for building an attractive career.

Wide Variety of Career Choices

There are wide variety of career choices in the digital marketing domain. Completing your digital marketing training can land you in different types of job roles like web developers and designer, SEO expert, SEM expert, content writer and marketer, CRM manager, etc. You have the flexibility to choose from the job role which excites and appeals to you the most.

Attractive Salaries

Since digital marketers course are in high demand, they get paid attractively. Recent surveys indicate that the average annual salary of a CMO in the US can be $164,000. In India also, the digital marketing domain is booming and you can expect to earn in the range of 3.5 lakhs-7 lakhs annually.