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Importance of Stenography in Today’s Computer Age

22 Mar

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Importance of Stenography in Today’s Computer Age


Stenography has taken a backseat for recording office meeting minutes, instructions, telephonic conversations etc. due to the advent of digital platforms. However, it still has many advantages over digital platforms. The importance of stenography in today’s computer age is discussed below:

Efficient Minute Taking

Business meetings need to be minute and circulated for taking appropriate actions. Stenography is a valuable skill to have for recording all the discussion points instantly. Capturing the discussions using digital platforms does not allow you to classify what is important and not so important which can be done by using shorthand. It allows you to minute the points in real-time. Shorthand minuting is less strenuous compared to taking notes on a laptop or other digital media.

Recording Instructions and Preparing To-Do Lists

Business managers are busy people managing multiple projects and clients. They can pass on many instructions to their secretaries which may have to be carried out instantly. It will be difficult to memorize all the instructions as there are chances of it being forgotten or misinterpreted. Knowing stenography can help you note down the instructions in detail for ensuring they are carried out as desired. You can get yourself enrolled in DICS Innovatives for Best Stenography Course Institutes nearby in Pitampura Delhi for becoming a successful secretary.

Noting Telephone Conversations and Messages

A secretary can receive many important telephone calls during a day and it is not possible to remember the exact details of all the conversations. Stenography helps you to take shorthand notes of the conversation and document it for future reference. It will also help you to relay the information to your boss in a polished manner which can be used by him/her for taking appropriate action. It saves the time of the bosses in editing the notes and also helps you be informed about the recent developments in the business.

Helps Secretaries Learn and Grow

Knowing and using stenography in office can help the secretaries learn and grow. It helps to further develop their listening and summarizing skills. They can learn a lot simply by listening to what their superiors have to say and by making notes. It helps the secretaries learn more effectively. It is a well-known fact that writing things help you to digest and absorb information which is not possible when you are taking notes on the computer or other digital platforms. You can get yourself enrolled in best Stenography Course provided by DICS Innovatives – “A Best Training Institute in Pitampura Delhi” to enhance your career prospects as a good secretary or stenographer.