Course Structure

Course Duration: 3 Months



History,feature,working with Python ,Basic Syntax,variable and Data Types,Operator,

  • Conditional Statement:If,If-else,If-elif-else,Nested if-else
  • LOOPING: For, While, Nested loops
  • Control Statement: Break,continue,Pass
  • String Manipulation:Accessing,String,Basic Operation,String slices,Function and methods
  • Tuple: Introduction Accessing tuple,Operations, working,function and Methods
  • Functions:Defining a function,Calling a function,Types of function, Function Arguments, Global and local Variable
  • Modules :Importing Module, Math module, Random Module packages,, composition
  • Object oriented Concept: Class, object and Member,inheritance polymorphism in python, constructors in python, Destructors in python
  • Input-Output: Printing on screen,reading data from keyword opening and closing file,reading and writing files, function
  • Exception handling: Exception,Exception handling,Exception clause

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